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A Few Words About Us

BlueFlag Translations is a professional international language services company, specializing in providing quality translations, transcreation services, localization solutions, SEO content organization and cross-cultural consulting. We work in a diverse range of industry sectors, both with agencies and with end clients.

Our translation company, conceptually born in 2008, was officially registered in April 2015 by a young couple of freelance professionals who felt they are prepared to provide translation services online as well as in face-to-face environment, for clients ranging from tourists and one-man software companies to transnational corporations employing thousands. Having transcreated, localized, and plain old translated volumes of marketing, legal, medical and other materials for many a translation bureau worldwide, we finally realized we can compete and offer a better value to you, the client.

Our Team

  • Ievgeniia

    With an MA in International Relations and Translation in her pocket, Ievgeniia started her career as a translator in 2008.

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  • Dmitriy

    So far, Dmitriy has spent over 18 years in the language industry, mostly traveling around the world.

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Why BlueFlag?

Choosing the right name for our translation services agency was easy. We love the sea and the marine lifestyle. The Blue Flag Award is given to well-maintained beaches as an indication of their high quality standards, and we at BlueFlag Translations are committed to the highest standards in customer service and multilingual business solutions. Just like localizing your website into several major languages can open new horizons for your business, focusing on direct clients opened a sea of opportunities for us.

Although the core of our team is just two highly dedicated translators strong, we are fully scalable and at need can muster an impressive lineup of consultants, project managers and language service providers from all over the world. Passion for languages and cultures that unites our team helps us provide top-notch language services to our worldwide clients, many of which are requiring internationalization services to expand globally and multilingually. Our unique approach to legal, business, scientific, marketing, and entertainment language solutions ensures breaking language barriers and custom-tailoring your message to your target audiences, in more than a dozen world’s most commonly spoken languages.

How do we create value?

We run on a shoestring budget, since cheap translation services are often a priority for new clients. We specialize, because we like to turn out your high quality translation well before deadline. We are available 365 days a year, including Christmas Eve and every day of Hanukkah and Chinese New Year – because in today’s globalized world, only expert translation services with fast turnaround can succeed.

From the very start we decided to go with office-less business model. Office-free environment allows us to offer competitive prices for translation services — something that many established language agencies simply can’t afford.

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