• Never picking a worn path, Dmitriy is the maverick of the BlueFlag Translations team.

    In high school he used his tremendous competitive qualities and a wee bit of good luck to beat numerous local contenders and win a spot in a student exchange program, which has taken him to Anchorage, Alaska. Having graduated in 1996, he returned to his native Ukraine and studied international business management and English translation in three universities.

    Dmitriy started working as a translator in 1997 and has been steadily growing as a professional ever since. In addition to being an expert English to Russian and English to Ukrainian translator, he speaks French and Spanish fairly well. Within BlueFlag Translations, he doubles as the chief account executive.

    Finding it difficult to name one most important component of his professional expertise out of many, Dmitriy lists among them his passion for languages, Master's degree, travelling exploits, and…a wee bit of good luck. It is no wonder at all that his areas of specialization include transcreation, copywriting, and gambling & betting translations.

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