• Of the BlueFlag Translations founding duo, Ievgeniia is the more accomplished, credentialled, and overall bona fide partner.

    She graduated from high school at the age of 14 with straight A's, studied piano, international relations, and four foreign languages: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Ievgeniia holds a Master's degree in translation and political science. She translates primarily to Ukrainian and Russian, her native tongues. A valued certificate from the worldwide translators network ProZ and a Google Adwords certification add to her list of qualifications.

    Ievgeniia started working as a translator at 16, at the same time honing her interpersonal and administrative skills by participating in her mother's business. Although her education and experience allow for substantial latitude, as a translator and editor she specializes in such areas as law, health & medicine, and fashion, as well as software localization and hospitality business.

    Besides crafting first-rate translations, Ievgeniia's passions include sea and travel, ballroom dancing, music, fine food, and politics. She counts herself fortunate that her interests complement one another extremely well.


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