Low-Cost But High-Quality Translations: Myth Or Reality?

The translation industry is growing rapidly and translation services providers all over the world are competing to get a piece of that fast-growing market. To achieve it, translation agencies and freelance translators are trying their best to sell their services for the lowest prices possible. In spite of the fact that there are hundreds of articles out there claiming that “cheap translation costs more”, this article differs, as it is here to tell you that low-cost but high-quality translations can actually be a reality.

Landing Page Translation: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Landing pages are standalone web pages that are created specifically for the purposes of marketing and advertising campaigns. These pages are where visitors “land” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar and are designed to organically attract traffic and engage with your website visitors. For this reason, landing pages should be translated and localized for all of your audiences. In today’s blog post we will focus on translation and localization of landing pages in order to reach your target markets.

The Importance of Accurate Government Translations

Accurate and reliable translations are a priority as for federal government agencies that communicate with departments around the world, as well as for local government offices that want to reach speakers of foreign languages. Diplomacy, defence, social services, and education all depend on precise information.

In today’s article we will discuss the importance of error-free translations for each of the above mentioned sectors.

Everything About the Challenges in Theater Translation

The theater is probably one of the most complex forms of arts. It requires performers, playwrights, directors, costumers, scene designers, composers, musicians, choreographers, lighting designers, stage managers, technicians, and, believe it or not, but also translators. As here, at BlueFlag Translations, we are experts in the field of translation and localization, in today’s blog post we will highlight the unique challenges of theater translation and will discuss the vital question of how theater translation should best be handled.

How to Write a Perfect Transcreation Brief

Writing a perfect transcreation brief is of significant importance as it helps obtain the right outcome for a transcreation project. A brief is a “map” of where exactly you want your transcreation to go. If your map is poorly written and organized, you could well end up in a place completely different from your intended destination. Similarly if your brief is scrappy, the transcreator has to try to figure out the directions and can therefore produce a transcreation that is not what you initially expected. This article explores the most effective way of “mapping” a perfect transcreation brief.

All You Need to Know About Translating for Children

It is no secret that cartoons and animated films play a significant role in child development and education. Youngsters are like sponges: they soak up and learn everything that they come in contact with, and they learn more especially when they are having fun. Therefore, cartoons and animated films are a very effective teaching medium. Not only can cartoons and animated films teach practical knowledge, but they are also a way to teach morals, values, and ideology. To make cartoons and animated films and their messages accessible to children across the globe, cartoons and animated films need to be translated. The question is how should translation for children be performed? In this blog post we will discuss the answer to this question and more.

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