The Importance of Accurate Government Translations

Accurate and reliable translations are a priority as for federal government agencies that communicate with departments around the world, as well as for local government offices that want to reach speakers of foreign languages. Diplomacy, defence, social services, and education all depend on precise information.

In today’s article we will discuss the importance of error-free translations for each of the above mentioned sectors.

Translation for government sector

Translation Services for the Diplomatic Sector

Diplomatic translation is carried out within diplomatic missions, embassies, consulates. Diplomatic translation has its own rules and peculiarities. To be able to produce error-free translations for this sector translation services providers should firstly bear in mind that a very strict hierarchy governs the diplomatic world. It is of significant importance to know all the different levels within the diplomatic strata, as each of them deals with different aspects. Additionally, it is of significant importance to be well aware of formulae of such diplomatic documents as Third Person Notes, Letters, Non-Papers, Memorandums, etc. And, last but not least, when it comes to diplomatic translation, security and confidentiality is always crucial. The reason behind this is because this particular sector deals with the security of one or several countries.

Translation Services for the Defense Sector

Translation services in defense are literally a matter of life and death. Translation services for defense require clandestine operations and individuals well-versed with military terminology and its key concepts. There is absolutely no margin of error accepted, because these manuscripts may be the very first information based on which risk assessment is done and the decision to counterattack or neutralize unfriendly elements is taken. For this, translation services for defense become critical for any nation. Hence, governments have to rely only on qualified experts to translate and interpret all the technical and nontechnical materials.

Translation Services for the Social Services Sector

Social services professionals often must communicate with individuals who speak languages other than what their native one is, and in many cases social services require investigations in foreign communities both at home and abroad. As a result, there is a need for strong social services translations that can help to facilities positive outcomes for all relevant stakeholders, no matter where they are located and what language they speak. Translating such documents as case reports, case files, court documents, immigration papers, medical records, application services is not just a luxury but a necessity when serving foreign individuals and communities. For this, accurate social service translations are essential to providing quality services.

Translation Services for Education Sector

Students come in all shapes and sizes, so ensuring that educational policy documents, parent guides, school district guides, school manuals, state test instructions, course catalogs, school website pages, school online registration forms, class hand-out and booklets (for bilingual and language learning programs) suit the widest audience possible is paramount. A lack of clarity in translations of above mentioned materials could potentially create confusion and lead to unnecessary queries or even to costly legal disputes. Such confusion can be avoided by qualified translators only.

In Conclusion

Government translation requires a high degree of accuracy.

When it comes to government translation, translation automation is not advised because of the complexity of two legal systems involved. Direct translations are not an option because these may not make sense to the target reader.

The government translator must ensure that the titles, reasoning, and technical terms are valid legally. Moreover, the legal expressions in the source language may not have specific equivalent in the target language. In such cases, conceptual equivalents should be used.

Government translation takes time to produce, as it is not the easiest form of translation work. It is of significant importance for the client to work with a skilled translations services provider that has government translation expertise as well as years of experience in the subject.

Keep in mind that a single error costs money plus other legal ramifications.

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