Why Do Concierge Services Need Translation?

A growing number of companies worldwide are offering personal concierge and other special services to the very wealthy - anytime and anywhere. Such companies are there to open doors, simplify procedures, and obtain the unobtainable for those who could afford it. The question is, do they consider that the ones that are cash-rich and time-poor do not always speak the language they do?

Why Does Virtual Reality Need Localization?

In today’s world, viewing virtual reality applications has gone from little more than child’s play to serious business. Believe it or not, but virtual reality is actually becoming the new reality. Moreover, just like the reality requires translation and localization services, so does virtual one.

The Whys & Hows of Taking Taglines Global

Just do it. Think different. Got milk? I’m lovin’ it. Because you’re worth it. You know we aren’t sleep talking, right? We are just reminding you about some of the well-known marketing taglines. Now, do you remember how do all of these sound in your native language? They don’t sound precisely the same? We know! Well, while a tagline may have a huge impact in the company’s home market, its essential concept may need to be adapted to fit a target market’s cultural expectations. How? Through a process called transcreation.

All You Need To Know About Gambling & Betting Translations

All the leading online casinos and betting companies operate in multiple languages, understanding the need to serve as many players and punters as possible all over the world. To penetrate the growing international online gaming market, casino and betting website owners have to make sure that any gamer visiting their website, especially those eager to play and spend money, can quickly and easily understand all the rules of the games. Otherwise, potential customers will leave for a more user-friendly website that speaks to them in their native language. In today’s competitive world, translation and localization of gambling and betting websites is definitely a winning hand for any online casino and betting business.

Why Does Consumer Electronics Industry Need Translation?

In today’s world, consumer electronics is a booming business; however, many consumer electronics companies forget its global potential. For its global potential exactly, consumer electronics translation and localization is now more in demand than ever before to capitalize on international expansion. In this blog post, the BlueFlag Translation team will give you an overview of the consumer electronics market as well as tips on breaking down the language barriers and staying ahead of the global competition.

Taking Your Watch App Global

With Apple Watch and Android Wear available in around 30 countries, translation and localization is as crucial to your watch app’s success and longevity as it is for your mobile app’s. In spite of the fact that wearable app translation and localization is just as new and developing as wearables themselves, the BlueFlag Translations team has already come up with a couple of important tips for you.

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