All You Need To Know About Gambling & Betting Translations

All the leading online casinos and betting companies operate in multiple languages, understanding the need to serve as many players and punters as possible all over the world. To penetrate the growing international online gaming market, casino and betting website owners have to make sure that any gamer visiting their website, especially those eager to play and spend money, can quickly and easily understand all the rules of the games. Otherwise, potential customers will leave for a more user-friendly website that speaks to them in their native language. In today’s competitive world, translation and localization of gambling and betting websites is definitely a winning hand for any online casino and betting business.

Why Does Consumer Electronics Industry Need Translation?

In today’s world, consumer electronics is a booming business; however, many consumer electronics companies forget its global potential. For its global potential exactly, consumer electronics translation and localization is now more in demand than ever before to capitalize on international expansion. In this blog post, the BlueFlag Translation team will give you an overview of the consumer electronics market as well as tips on breaking down the language barriers and staying ahead of the global competition.

Taking Your Watch App Global

With Apple Watch and Android Wear available in around 30 countries, translation and localization is as crucial to your watch app’s success and longevity as it is for your mobile app’s. In spite of the fact that wearable app translation and localization is just as new and developing as wearables themselves, the BlueFlag Translations team has already come up with a couple of important tips for you.

Keyword Translation vs. Keyword Localization

It is no secret that for effectively marketing your product or services, you need to speak the language of your target audience. For this, you need to translate the content of your website, your landing pages, as well as your target keywords and key phrases for search engine optimization (SEO) and for paid search efforts. For multilingual search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, choosing the right keywords and key phrases in the target language is of crucial importance. When it comes to this, keyword translation is usually the first option for many online marketers; however, there is one more, which is called keyword localization.

Translation for Blockchain Industry

Over the past couple of years, the terms ‘blockchain industry’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ has been rapidly gaining the public eye. As not a “tech type of person,” you might be more familiar with terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Kolion. These are all cryptocurrencies, basically, digital money. As a “tech type of person,” you might already be aware that there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 11 July 2017 and growing as new cryptocurrency can be created any time. And, finally, as a cryptocurrency owner, you should have already realized that supporting your business in various languages or, in other words, investing in translation and localization can turn out to be of crucial importance.

Real Estate: Why Does It Need Translation?

Let’s say you are selling your apartment or house, or you make your living as a real estate agent. Since you have already recognized the growing importance of the world wide web, you put all your sales online, complete them with eye-catching images, and add brilliant descriptive texts. However, you don’t understand why the growing real estate market seems to be passing you by.

Have you thought that maybe it is because all of your texts are in English?

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