AI vs. Human Translators: Who’s Better?

Just a couple of years ago AI was more a topic of discussion on theoretical applications. Today, however, it is creeping into our daily lives in unexpected ways: AI is being applied in video games, digital marketing, virtual personal assistants, and so on. As AI moves to either disrupt or improve more sectors in the near future, there are still a lot of barriers for it to overcome before we translators start fearing to lose our jobs.

The Whys & Wherefores of Translating Restaurant Menus

In today’s world, people travel more frequently and further away from their home than even before. This means that the possibility of travellers speaking the language of the country they visit gets lower and lower. Travelling and not understanding the language can cause many unpleasant moments for tourists, especially when it comes to ordering food in restaurants.

How to Avoid Getting Lost in Political Translation

Translation is never only a matter of words. The process of translation consists in carrying a meaning from the original to the target language. What is more important, translators are supposed to make sure that the readers of their words will feel the same as the readers of the original text. During the translation process, translators select the lexical fields that matches the original text; however, since this still gives them quite a lot of leeway, translators of political discourse have to be extra careful.

Back Translation: What Is It & Why Is It Crucial?

Generally, translation work involves the transfer of a text from one language into another. Translation considers the audience of the translated document, the nuances of both languages as well as the culture of the country of the target language. In the process of finishing the translation, the translated text goes through rigorous review, with a proofreader checking the document for errors to ensure its accuracy. Although this is one of the final steps of translation prior to client submission, there are cases when accuracy needs to be rechecked. In this case back translation is performed.

Why Pay More: 5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Translation

Nowadays the value of quality translation and localization services is becoming more and more obvious day by day. The main reason behind this is that today the Internet is providing access to a wealth of new translation solutions such as machine translation tools, cheapest-bidder platforms, sometimes even crowdsourced translations that appear to be offering low-cost alternatives to professional and experienced translators. However, as tempting cheapie translations may seem, there are risks lurking among the too-good-to-be-true offers.

Technical Translation: Challenges & Strategies

The definitions for technical translation vary. One of them is that technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with technical and scientific subjects. Or, to put it in another way, it is a translation that requires technical translators — professionals with a good understanding of the subject matter and knowledge of the specialized terminology of that field as in the source as well as in the target languages. Because technical materials have to carry unbiased information to help the reader achieve a specific task, they have to be organized and written in a specific way.

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