The Why’s & How’s of International SMM

In spite of the fact that the majority of social networking websites are US-based, social media marketing doesn’t begin or end at the shores of the USA. For this, if your brand is multinational, then creating and maintaining an international social media presence globally will eventually become one of your considerations – if it’s not already.

Is Bad Grammar The New Black?

Grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, misused words… How do you feel about them? Are they engaging to you? Or are they irritating? No matter what your answer is, believe it or not, but the rules of grammar and spelling are there to be broken and, when done correctly, can result in powerful and persuasive advertising copy.

Excellent Translators: What Qualities Should They Have?

Being bilingual or multilingual does not automatically mean that somebody is a good translator. While a bilingual or a multilingual individual is someone capable of expressing their own ideas in two ore more different languages, a translation services provider is a skilled professional with experience in accurately expressing someone else’s ideas in a language or languages different from the one in which they were originally issued. Now, what qualities make an excellent translator? Keep on reading and let’s find out!

iOS Localization: How To Get It Right?

Let’s assume you have an app and you want to release it in languages other than your native one. Well, sure, moving from say English to Russian, or to Ukrainian, sounds complex and time-consuming. However, with the right steps you’ll see that readying your app for release in different languages is not as daunting as it seems.

So, here is everything you need to know about iOS localization.

A Translation Glossary: How Should It Be Created?

The process of creating translation glossaries & translation style guides isn’t fun, we all must admit. However, we also must admit, that it must be done, eventually, today or tomorrow, since the benefits of them are plentiful. The two major ones are that glossaries (as we have already had the opportunity to discuss style guides today we will mainly focus on glossaries) ensure the consistency of your brand and that they will save you a plenty of time and money in the translation and localization process once the key repeated terms are standardized.

How to Perfect Multilingual Customer Support

Fine customer support is at the core of any successful company. In our largely-online and globalized world, this means not only round-the-clock availability, but also communication across language barriers. Being able to speak to your clients in their own native language establishes trust, which is of significant importance at all stages of the purchasing cycle, including customer support.

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