Translation Style Guide: What Is It & Why Is It Essential?

It has always been admitted that translation is an art. To practice this specific form art, translation services providers need more than just a plain source text to work with: they need to know your brand, they need to know the voice of it. This is exactly where a translation style guide comes into play.

Video Localization: Let’s Take Your Videos Global

There has always been a strong argument for incorporating video content into marketing strategies. The reason behind this is that it is thought that video could be up to four times as engaging as static content. And, when it comes to video marketing, 2017 is only going to emphasize its importance. However, digital marketers cannot just rely on creating videos to make an impact. They have to be more careful about what kind of video they use and who is their target audience.

Rules on Translation of Blog Articles

In today’s world blogs are important elements of marketing strategies of almost all types of companies. For this reason, they take a very professional approach: an editorial team regularly researches and writes articles on current topics and trends or helpful tips and tricks, ensuring to highlight the company’s products or services. So, having a multilingual blog can very much help companies to reach a greater readership.

Travel & Hospitality: Localization Trends for 2017

Whether 2016 was chaotic, productive or adventures depends on who you ask. But if you ask the players in the travel and hospitality industry, you are likely to get an “Oh! It was amazing!” response. The reason behind this is that the travel and hospitality industry has literally expanded and diversified to become one of the largest and fastest-growing industries.

The Major Challenges of Becoming a Freelance Translator

Being a freelance translator is great! What can be greater than working whenever you want from wherever you want? However, when it comes to actually becoming one, the whole process requires a number of challenges that aren’t really obvious at first. So, if you have ever thought of becoming a freelance translator or if you are currently thinking to become one, then let’s together identify the most prominent challenges, and together find out the clues as to how overcome them.

How to Improve Global Customer Experience

International trade has been around for centuries, and it continues to grow as, as a result of constantly evolving technology, trading across international borders has become easier and faster. The development of the Internet, the speed in which products can be mass produced around the world, and the speed in which these products can be transported to and from anywhere globally has opened the doors for even the smallest companies to get a piece of this ever-expanding industry. And if you are in this exact industry, we bet you would spare no time and effort to improve your global customers’ experience, because whilst we know the demand is obviously there, so is the competition.

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