Travel & Hospitality: Localization Trends for 2017

Whether 2016 was chaotic, productive or adventures depends on who you ask. But if you ask the players in the travel and hospitality industry, you are likely to get an “Oh! It was amazing!” response. The reason behind this is that the travel and hospitality industry has literally expanded and diversified to become one of the largest and fastest-growing industries.

The Major Challenges of Becoming a Freelance Translator

Being a freelance translator is great! What can be greater than working whenever you want from wherever you want? However, when it comes to actually becoming one, the whole process requires a number of challenges that aren’t really obvious at first. So, if you have ever thought of becoming a freelance translator or if you are currently thinking to become one, then let’s together identify the most prominent challenges, and together find out the clues as to how overcome them.

How to Improve Global Customer Experience

International trade has been around for centuries, and it continues to grow as, as a result of constantly evolving technology, trading across international borders has become easier and faster. The development of the Internet, the speed in which products can be mass produced around the world, and the speed in which these products can be transported to and from anywhere globally has opened the doors for even the smallest companies to get a piece of this ever-expanding industry. And if you are in this exact industry, we bet you would spare no time and effort to improve your global customers’ experience, because whilst we know the demand is obviously there, so is the competition.

Keys to Breaking into the Russian Video Games Market

Believe it or not, but Russia is one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the whole world. According to statistics, there are 72 million gamers in Russia and the rapid growth of the Internet across the country has turned it into a $1.4 billion gaming market with tons of growth still to enjoy. So, considering this, now is the best time to establish your name in the world’s largest country while it still has that sweet mix of rapid growth and opportunity.

Marketing Translation: Why is it Worth the Higher Price?

For professionals and organizations that are purchasing translation services for the very first time, the complexity of translation pricing can turn out to be quite daunting. The matter becomes even more daunting when it comes to highly creative material used for marketing purposes. How can a four-word slogan cost more to translate than a 300-word document? Well, we get it — it is a logical concern, and that is why we are here to discuss the main reasons why marketing translation is worth the higher price.

Tips for Creating Localization-Friendly ELearning Courses

As we have already informed you in our last post of 2016, eLearning has been enjoying unprecedented growth last year. This is, of course, a result of globalization that caused revolutionary changes in the world of learning and development. And because the growth of eLearning is expected to accelerate in 2017, here in this post, we will discuss the important tips for creating localization-friendly eLearning courses for educating and training individuals speaking different languages.

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