Keys to Breaking into the Russian Video Games Market

Believe it or not, but Russia is one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the whole world. According to statistics, there are 72 million gamers in Russia and the rapid growth of the Internet across the country has turned it into a $1.4 billion gaming market with tons of growth still to enjoy. So, considering this, now is the best time to establish your name in the world’s largest country while it still has that sweet mix of rapid growth and opportunity.

Marketing Translation: Why is it Worth the Higher Price?

For professionals and organizations that are purchasing translation services for the very first time, the complexity of translation pricing can turn out to be quite daunting. The matter becomes even more daunting when it comes to highly creative material used for marketing purposes. How can a four-word slogan cost more to translate than a 300-word document? Well, we get it — it is a logical concern, and that is why we are here to discuss the main reasons why marketing translation is worth the higher price.

Tips for Creating Localization-Friendly ELearning Courses

As we have already informed you in our last post of 2016, eLearning has been enjoying unprecedented growth last year. This is, of course, a result of globalization that caused revolutionary changes in the world of learning and development. And because the growth of eLearning is expected to accelerate in 2017, here in this post, we will discuss the important tips for creating localization-friendly eLearning courses for educating and training individuals speaking different languages.

Translation & Localization Trends to Watch for in 2017

It is the time of year to take stock of everything that has happened over the past 365 days and turn our attention to the new year ahead. As we have already discussed the transcreation trends for 2017, now it is the turn for the overall translation and localziation industry. So, what is in store for it? Let’s together take a look at some 2017 translation and localization trends to find out what exactly is just around the corner.

Everything About Transcreation Trends for 2017

Sometimes it is easy to think that translation is enough. However, because so much of successful marketing is rooted in cultural context, societal mores, and background information, a literal translation of any creative content may not be enough to resonate with the target audience. Transcreation is what enables the same great creative concept to be adapted and improved for use in different international locales. In this post, the BlueFlag Translations team will tell you everything about transcreation trends for 2017.

Exploring Transparency in the Translation Industry

If you are a translator, then you have probably come to understand why maintaining transparency with your clients is of significant importance for your career success. However, if you are not a translator, if you are just about to purchase translation and localization services, and if the concept of transparency in the translation industry is still unclear to you, then the BlueFlag Translations team will help you understand why transparency is so important as for your translator as well as for you.

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