6 Things That Translators Do Better

Managers plan better, journalists write better, publishers read better, communication specialists communicate better, coordinators cope better… What do translators do better? Of course, we translate better; however, we also do all the above named tasks almost as better as the experts of those tasks. (Yep, don’t get surprized!) Are you surprized anyway? Well, then here is the proof you might be looking for already.

International Market Research: What It Is & Why It’s Vital

Market research is a crucial piece to the success of any business. Many of you reading this might be wondering why. Well, to cut the long story short (for now anyways), market research is key to ensure that you provide the right products and the right services. So, in case you are an entrepreneur and you are not already researching your market, then you should be doing it, and the sooner the better.

How to Communicate with a Freelance Translator

Freelance translators vs. translation agencies: Who to pick? A few weeks ago we have already discussed with you this question by outlining all the key points that should be kept in mind when making your decision regarding a variant that fits your needs the best. And if you have finally decided to stick with a freelance translator, then the BlueFlag Translations team will help you successfully communicate with your service provider to be able to avoid all the unwanted headaches along the road.

Multilingual Email Marketing: Everything About ‘The King’

Do you remember how we told you to remind your customers of you by sending them emails for Christmas, aka the retail world's biggest spending event last week? Now be honest, you have probably thought that we are a bit old-fashioned here, haven’t you? If your answer is “No”, then we are on the same page, but if it is “Yes!”, then let us tell you that even nowadays email marketing matters, and that multilingual one matters even more.

Let’s Go Global for Christmas

The arrival of November means one thing for many retailers - holiday preparation. So, if your answer to the question “Are you ready for the holiday season?” is still “not yet,” then you are already a little late, and there is no better time than right now to start thinking about your holiday marketing campaigns, especially the global ones. Why? Well, we don’t think that you want to miss promotional opportunities, sales and revenue, especially to your potential competitors that may have already started preparing for the big season. So, if you are ready now, then let’s get started!

Let’s Prepare Your Documents for Translation

It would be wrong to claim that the final quality of any outstanding translation is entirely dependent on the source content. It is no secret that the professionalism and the experience of the translator involved is the most dominant variable when it comes to the quality of the translation. However, the quality of the original source content does actually influence the final result of the translation to a large degree.

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