Multilingual Email Marketing: Everything About ‘The King’

Do you remember how we told you to remind your customers of you by sending them emails for Christmas, aka the retail world's biggest spending event last week? Now be honest, you have probably thought that we are a bit old-fashioned here, haven’t you? If your answer is “No”, then we are on the same page, but if it is “Yes!”, then let us tell you that even nowadays email marketing matters, and that multilingual one matters even more.

Let’s Go Global for Christmas

The arrival of November means one thing for many retailers - holiday preparation. So, if your answer to the question “Are you ready for the holiday season?” is still “not yet,” then you are already a little late, and there is no better time than right now to start thinking about your holiday marketing campaigns, especially the global ones. Why? Well, we don’t think that you want to miss promotional opportunities, sales and revenue, especially to your potential competitors that may have already started preparing for the big season. So, if you are ready now, then let’s get started!

Let’s Prepare Your Documents for Translation

It would be wrong to claim that the final quality of any outstanding translation is entirely dependent on the source content. It is no secret that the professionalism and the experience of the translator involved is the most dominant variable when it comes to the quality of the translation. However, the quality of the original source content does actually influence the final result of the translation to a large degree.

How to Beat the Excuses for Not Localizing a Website

Let’s assume a Russian consumer is looking for a particular product or a service online. Now let’s assume that your company has the product or offers the service that the consumer needs. Now what do you think your company website should offer to allow you make a real connection with the non-native English speaker that has just visited your website? Well, you are probably thinking of a rewarding and rich experience, aren’t you? If so, let us tell you that your answer is correct as long as the “rewarding and rich experience” that you are thinking of includes content that has been adapted to the language of your foreign potential consumer.

The Whys and Hows of Brand Name Translation

The first thing that professionals and organizations must invest in when starting up is branding, or in other words, creating a unique image for their product or services in the consumer’s mind. However, the process of branding is much more complex than it might seem: it requires a lot of creativity to come up with eye-catching corporate colors, appealing graphics, and, what’s more important, a remarkable brand name, that’s easy to pronounce and remember. And after all these, when it comes to targeting a different market, professionals and organizations have to face an absolutely different yet major challenge, and that is their brand name translation.

Types Of Bad Translations Or How NOT To Translate

Translating well is a challenging affair. For this, bad translations happen all the time, and, unfortunately, they are never forgotten. In case you are in the translation industry, you should already know that translations of all types of texts are always judged. The worst is that they do not get judged by how good they are, but only by any single mistake that translators might make in their translations, no matter how small or insignificant. What is even worse, translators may sometimes even get judged by the perceived wrongness of their translations. Even if they are not wrong, some individuals will think that they are and will judge them for it. While there will always be critics out there, you should still always try your best to avoid being labeled as a bad translator.

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