Cultural Consulting: What Is It & Why Would You Need It?

In today’s world, many companies work across borders and time zones with greater frequency and have become increasingly dependent upon revenues generated from those intercultural business relationships. And it is for this exact reason that companies nowadays rely greatly on translation services; however, they should never brush aside cultural consulting services, as the consequences of getting the wrong message across can be disastrous.

The Challenges with Russian Transcreation

The world became increasingly globalized and transcreation has become a necessity. In today’s world, company’s are facing the challenge of overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers to promote and sell their products and services in multiple countries, including Russia. How can we successfully translate slogans, catalogues, or web content to Russian? How can we attract our Russian-speaking audiences, whilst simultaneously being convincing and honoring the company’s communication standards? The answers to these questions will be found in this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Translation

Translation of legal documents is a very tough job. Each and every single nation drafts its law based on it own culture. Translating legal documents requires mastery of both the language and the lingo. Of course, at this point you may think that translated legal documents are required only in courts. However, remember that the world is becoming a smaller place -- companies are setting up offices around the world, individuals are migrating, marrying into different cultures, and setting up families in different parts of the world. As you see, legal problems appear in a business’s and individual’s life and this is why legal translation assumes colossal significance.

Software Localization 101

If you are a developer unfamiliar with the process of software localization, the road ahead may seem daunting. While software localization can actually be a time-consuming and complex task, learning about it beforehand and planning ahead can ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your product’s localization. In today’s blog post we will discuss everything you need to know about software localization.

Top-Quality Localization Services On A Low Budget

Are you a marketer that is not happy with the way your team is localizing branded content for different markets? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

According to CMO Council report, 63% of marketers feel that they are “not doing well at all” or “need improvement” when asked how efficiently they localize branded content for different markets, audiences, and geographies. Only 33% of marketers rated themselves, saying their organizations are “very advanced in this area” or “doing well”.

Why Localization Should be a Priority for Omni-Channel Retailing

You are probably well aware that there is no single formula or algorithm that can tell us for sure when and why each individual customer will make a purchase. The process of purchase is a lot more complex than you can imagine, and this is exactly why omni-channel selling is very important. Omni-channel retail solutions are there to make shopping more enjoyable for both sellers and customers, whatever the platform. Omni-channel retailing helps provide a seamless, personalized brand experience whether the customer shops on the Web, in the store, using a mobile device or all of the above. Omni-channel retailing, however, is quite local, and, when it comes to taking a company global, omni-channel retailing should be localized.

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