In addition to the well-known professional translating services – software localization, health care and medical translation, marketing transcreation, translation of documents, and so on – there is a long list of other, less obvious special translation subjects. In order to provide good, professional-level linguistic services, the translator must possess both the general language skills and extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Although nowadays the Internet and shared translation memory tools readily supply translation professionals with specialized glossaries, the finer points of word usage are available only to experts in the particular sub-field.

Imagine an experienced interface localizator and IT translator who is used to delving into programming code and picking out technical comments for translation. If this language professional is faced with the task of translating the transcript of an interview with an apparel model, even the most comprehensive fashion industry glossary won't be enough to convey the peculiar atmosphere of glamor, which makes interviews of this type so appealing to its loyal readership. This is not to say that the resulting translation will be an utter failure: after all, an experienced professional translator should know how to string words together. But for a software localizator it will be a harder task, most likely taking significantly longer time to accomplish, in comparison with a translator who specializes in fashion translation. And harder work taking longer hours means higher rates – in this particular case, without any gain in quality.

BlueFlag Translations is a small but highly versatile team of translation professionals. Thanks to our unique backgrounds, we are proud to offer translation services – Russian to English, Ukrainian to English, English to Ukrainian, and English to Russian – in a number of important areas and subjects, including the ever-popular legal document translation and software localization as well as – you guessed it – fashion translation and many others (see the full list).

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