Cosmetics & Beauty

The beauty industry of today is surely a universe of its own, with corporate empires, glossy magazines, and faces instantly recognizable all over the globe. Naturally, it also has its own parlance, and those conversant in it know there is a world of difference between such lipstick colors as “Divine Wine” and “Kicked Up Coral”. Beauty and cosmetics translation experts know this difference in more than one language and often save popular brands from making a cultural faux pas: what sound perfectly innocuous and even poetic in one tongue may become a social blunder when translated literally to another.

If you are looking for knowledgeable professionals to translate spa brochures or beauty product descriptions, BlueFlag Translations is always up to the task. Our specialists know the field and the culture and will be happy to provide a top quality cosmetics or beauty translation from English to Russian or Ukrainian, at competitive and flexible rates.

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