Fashion & Design

If the subject matter of this translation sub-field may be considered “light”, it will be “light” as in “exquisite”, not by any means “inconsequential”. Today's fashion industry is a global business with the annual revenue of more than one trillion USD. All the different applications of design, from printed media to architecture to high-tech ergonomics, taken as a whole, come up to an even higher figure. And the combination of vibrant creativity and sophisticated craft makes beauty in action one of the most challenging translation topics.

A well-developed aesthetic sense, intimate knowledge of both the latest trends and art history, and strict adherence to intricate and sometimes eccentric terminology of the field, such as designations of colors and names of clothes parts – these qualifications are an absolute must for a good design or fashion translator. We at BlueFlag Translations are glad to offer our clients the top quality fashion and design translations they deserve.

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