According to common sense backed by market research, customers generally prefer reading information on a new product or service in their native language. To quote a former West German chancellor:

"If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen."

Regardless of company size, a modern enterprise cannot afford to ignore global markets. Doing business internationally provides significant earning opportunities both in virtual and real world. However, promoting your product or service in Germany, Russia, China and a hundred other countries may be somewhat different from doing the same on your home turf. More often than not, simple good quality translation of your marketing materials or website translation is not enough. Consumer habits and other cultural tenets make uniform approach inefficient: an advertising campaign that has been wildly successful in Canada may have little to no relevance in India or Argentina.

This is where professional transcreation services come into play. Enter qualified, culturally aware linguists whose localization skills are backed with specialized training and vast experience in dealing with your target market. Hiring marketing translation experts is your best bet to avoid making serious first-stage mistakes and possibly alienating your target audience. Long-term growth, international sales, and company reputation depend on the correct choice of words when communicating important business or marketing messages and exchanging legal, financial, or technical data.

BlueFlag Translations is happy to provide transcreation, localization, and cross-cultural consulting services. To get started, please email or call us, day or night. Our small, family-run company is based in the Mediterranean region, but with our long office hours it’s very likely we’ll answer your first language services inquiry right away. Our goal is to make your experience excellent by providing first-rate service and staying in close touch until the final product is delivered to your satisfaction. In addition to the following list, extra linguistic services can be provided upon request. We hope to hear from you soon and help your business grow.

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