Creative Writing

Creative writing services in specific languages are paramount in today's world of global marketing and communication. From sophisticated, high-impact marketing articles to simple and clean internal website copies to clever and memorable video scripts to state-of-the-art slogans known to millions, creative writing is one of the most effective means of reaching the target audience, keeping its attention, and winning its loyalty.

BlueFlag Translations provide first-rate creative writing services in a number of languages, including but not limited to the following:

  • English copywriting;
  • English article writing;
  • English naming and slogans;
  • English script writing;
  • Russian and Ukrainian copywriting;
  • Russian and Ukrainian article writing;
  • Ukrainian and Russian naming and slogans;
  • Ukrainian and Russian script writing.

More often than not, global marketing campaigns require both transcreation and creative writing services. We at BlueFlag Translations are happy to offer our clients both of these service types for easier management, more streamlined and concerted team effort, and better value.

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