Cultural Consulting

Our cultural consulting services help our clients improve the effectiveness of their communication within each national market. Once you’ve realized that translation isn’t localization and localization isn’t marketing, you are ready to take advantage of this offer.

An in-depth look at the adaptability of a source text along with a thorough analysis of written documents allow to identify problematic spots – be it product localization language issues or cultural differences – and provide solutions for the details that need to be improved or adjusted. BlueFlag Translations language agency can help you gain valuable insight into the cultural, societal, and linguistic features of your international target audience and avoid an otherwise imminent culture shock. Even in today's world, closely knit together by a myriad of communication lines, business relationships, and widespread ideas, cultural differences are a factor worth noting and be prepared for – doubly so when you are after your customer's interest and loyalty.

Well-travelled members of the BlueFlag Translations team, having grown in one country and lived in a few others, are extremely well aware of the way cultural differences may disrupt effective communication – and of the way to avoid their negative impact completely. We are looking forward to share with you our cultural expertise and make sure that your foreign market promotional campaign goes smoothly and reaches its destination.

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