International SEO

Language, online search behaviour, cultural differences, and technology use are unique in every market across the world. Do your customers search mostly for “holiday getaway” or “vacation package”? Do you advertise to an audience that uses desktop and laptop computers or mobile devices when shopping online? In order to expect a site to rank well in a different country, even after a quality page-for-page translation, it should be localized by a qualified localization specialist with SEO considerations in mind.

Here at BlueFlag Translations we both translate websites and provide internationalization services, assisting our clients in finding new global markets and expanding internationally. We compile lists of relevant keywords in the target language and adapt the source-language keywords to the target culture for website internationalization and search engine optimization, so that your online presence will not go unnoticed in another country but instead will bring relevant traffic and new business.

We will happily work together with a SEO specialist that has been working with your website in the source language. However, in many cases SEO internationalization may involve modifications to the keyword list and structure in the target language. In addition to the obvious reasons such as linguistic differences, this is caused by different policies and algorithms adopted by the search engine dominant in the particular country or Internet segment. For instance, Russian search engine Yandex employs somewhat different algorithms and “white-hat” regulations than Google. Our SEO experts are aware of this difference in detail and always take it into consideration to the benefit of our clients.

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