Localization is a relatively new type of service within the translation industry. With the advent of modern communication technologies, both in terms of information and transport, and mass spread of electronic devices and the Internet, the practice of translating user interfaces has developed its own standards and guidelines. Eventually this practice received a name – localization – and has become one of the most widely demanded professional translation services.

Properly performed localization of a software application, a website, or an electronic game starts with the work of programmers and developers. If the development team sticks to the standard procedures for localization, the subsequent work of localizators will be streamlined and quick. Otherwise localization effort may require considerably higher amounts of time and money, in the most difficult cases including additional work on the user interface on the programming or graphic design level. Fortunately, nowadays best localization procedures are well-established, well-documented, and well-followed by competent developers, leaving localization professionals to do what they do best: translate the text.

BlueFlag Translations provides top quality software localization services in accordance with the best interface translation practices and usability considerations, using cutting-edge technology. Our English to Russian and English to Ukrainian localization services include:

  • software application localization;
  • video game localization;
  • website translation and localization;
  • mobile app localization.
Upon request, we can also provide localization from and into other languages.

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