As cross-cultural marketing becomes more and more targeted, business visionaries realize that “simple translation” just doesn't cut it in the effort to make the new product a worldwide hit. While language translation services merely achieve rational accuracy, transcreation services preserve the impact, nuance, tone of voice, and the motivation of brand communication. Important aspects of transcreation are product localization and adaptation of existing message into the target language in linguistic as well as cultural terms.

Marketing translators at BlueFlag Translations are proven experts in finding creative brand localization solutions to convey our clients’ ideas with the highest regard to the language, the social environment, and the culture of their target audience. Transcreation services of our language agency are typically used for: advertising, TV commercials and videos, content marketing, websites, presentations, publishing, in-store promotion. A special case of transcreation services involves translating creative texts such as children rhymes and storyline narratives for games, song lyrics, and literary pieces. Transcreating the verbal part of corporate identity or brand (name, slogan, etc.) often makes a good alternative to creating a language-specific version from scratch.

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