Translation is one of the fundamental linguistic services. Many customers are unaware of the fact that the translation industry has more specialized areas such as localization or transcreation, and use the term “translation” to name them all. This is not altogether wrong: the same quality requirements and professional rules apply throughout the entire field. We at BlueFlag Translations abide by these standards in order to bring our clients the quality professional translating services they deserve.

There is a recent but common misconception that, at least for simpler types of text, translation can be successfully accomplished using automatic tools. While for individual words and short phrases this is often true, translating even a small fragment of meaningful text requires a professional human touch. In addition to knowing the words and grammar rules, translators must clearly understand the subject matter and purely human subtleties such as style and tone of voice, in both languages. Machines and amateur human translators cannot guarantee that – but the BlueFlag Translations team can.

We are able to handle virtually any document format. Whether our customers need to translate legal texts, have an urgent healthcare translation or a complicated scientific translation done, translate a website, or have a large corporate translation project managed for them, our providers of foreign language translation services can deliver a turnkey result quickly and smoothly.

Our team consists of professional translation services providers who, being native speakers of the target language, deliver quality translations and have the necessary expertise to use sophisticated translation memory tools. Small, medium and large companies, government institutions, and non-government organizations rely on BlueFlag Translations for linguistically competent language translation services.

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